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  07 May 2024 - We're back!

Officially back in 2024

I think its time we released!

Server is now open to the public. 

Feel free to navigate to the Downloads section on the left menu or use the Download button on the right!

Don't forget to create your account!~

posted by Bkuadmin

  28 Jun 2022 - Stable and ready

Server is officially stable for play

We may be ready for more players to join us. 

currently, it's been just two. 

Stykyz - Admin/Dev
Akaidia - Tester

posted by Bkuadmin

  18 May 2022 - More additions

All outfits and addons available on login now!

posted by Bkuadmin

  15 May 2022 - Progress

Map Editor and Item Editor are fixed!

Be on the look out for additions to the map and new items!

We have also introduced waypoints outside of a few cities. 
All you have to do is find it and step on the middle of the way point. 
If you've played Diablo II, it should be familiar. 

posted by Bkuadmin

  13 May 2022 - Starter items fixed!

Starting items have been fixed!

You no loner start with over powered shit.

posted by Bkuadmin

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